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At Jump Defibrillators, our mission is simple, to put more mothers, children, husbands, grandparents, colleagues and loved ones back with their friends, families, and communities. Sudden Cardiac Arrest is indiscriminate and utterly catastrophic – it can happen to anyone at any time.

Globally, Heart Disease kills more people than most other medical conditions put together –
including all forms of cancer. Currently 9/10 Australians in the community who suffer a Sudden Cardiac Arrest die. They do NOT need to.

With over 30 years of front line emergency medical experience and having participated in countless Sudden Cardiac Arrests, our company’s sole focus is to spread the word..


YOU CAN save a life.. YOU CAN jump in!

When a person’s heart stops, you have a very short time to act. Life is complicated; our vision is
simple – To empower everyday people to JUMP IN. To act when presented with that ‘once in a lifetime’ defining moment. CPR and defibrillation are the tools, YOU are the key.

Will you be a hero or helpless?

Our Emergency Services are world class but in reality the first minutes are critical to survival. It’s
those first precious minutes that you can JUMP IN and save the life of your loved one, colleague or a stranger. Otherwise they will most likely be dead. It really is that simple.

You DO NOT need a certificate to save a person’s life.

Everyone should know CPR and every person should have rapid access to a defibrillator, whether it be the sporting ground, the office or workplace, the great outdoors, schools and especially our very own homes.
Learning to JUMP IN and save a life should be a totally empowering journey. We have been there
and are committed to providing you the right solution through a fun and engaging experience.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by. There truly is no greater gift or feeling of pure satisfaction than to save the life of another human, especially some one you love. We look forward to assisting you, so that when the time comes you are ready to JUMP IN.

Are You Ready to Jump In?

Truly, there is no greater human gift than to save the life of another, especially someone you love.

We look forward to assisting you, so that when the time comes you are ready to JUMP IN.