Stryker Rotaid Plus Wall Cabinet

The Rotaid family of AED wall cabinets offer robust, durable storage of your AED. The unique round shape and thoughtful design makes it easy to find—a quick twist of the cover is all that is needed to gain full access to the AED.

The cover, equipped with recesses for an optimal grip and directive arrows to provide clear action for users, is made from 100% polycarbonate, offering solid protection as well as water and dust resistance. The cover is fitted with UV filters to ensure long lasting transparency. A battery powered, audible alarm system is triggered when the cover is opened to alert bystanders. With no hinges or sharp edges, Rotaid AED cabinets offer innovative AED storage solutions for a variety of venues. Plus, modern production techniques and the use of recycled plastics meet the highest requirements when it comes to sustainability.

Stryker Rotaid Family Brochure