At JUMP, we are not career sales people. We are experienced Paramedics and frontline emergency medical clinicians with experience and direct involvement in hundreds and hundreds of Sudden Cardiac Arrests. As such we believe that purchasing a defibrillator should be a considered and informed decision.

Defibrillators are NOT all the same.

There are many variations between brands and models that may have a significant impact when used during a Sudden Cardiac Arrest. At JUMP, we will only offer the highest quality models from trusted and tested reputable manufacturers. Our commitment is to provide you with the right defibrillator for your requirements. We will make sure that you are informed, consulted and satisfied with the entire process.
Thank you for choosing JUMP. We will ensure you have the right defibrillator so that when the time comes you are calm, confident and prepared to JUMP IN!

Contact our JUMP team of professionals today about the right solution for you.




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